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    the north Mingshan holy water —- Yuntai 

    Fellow tourists, we together tour today the north Mingshan holy water —- Yuntai.

        The Yuntai is the Mount Taihang department, is Yubei’s Mingshan. Because precipitous, prominent peak orphaned dense Xiu is towering, takes the form of a great pot, covers above the group peak, the ravine year to year fog winds around, therefore acquires fame the Yuntai.

        The Yuntai is located north the Henan Province Jiaozuo East City within the boundaries of 30 kilometer Xiuwu County. North neighbour Shanxi Province, east meets the Huixian city, west confronts with the Fangshan, south side is vast is orphaned originally. Here has big childhood name peak 36, the peaks and ridges folds the green jade, male wonderful dangerous Xiu. The prominent peak fruit of a medicinal cornel peak has a piece of cover forest, for the national level forest park, mays be called “in the garden the garden”. Scenic area plan total area approximately 55 square kilometers. Divides into three roughly departments: First, peak mountain scenic area: The fruit of a medicinal cornel peak, the peak, folds the color hole, the thick Xiu valley; Second, run-off ditch scenic area: Warm plate valley, ovary lake, small stronghold ditch, old deep pool ditch, Wu Zhouzhai; Third, religious scenic area: Really celebrates the palace, Wan Shansi, the unreliable emperor observes, hundred crags. Here natural landscape exquisite, the humanities landscape is rich. Xiandi Emperor in Han dynasty Liu Xie, the Wei Jin “the seven sages of the bamboo grove”, Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao, Emperor Taitsung of Tang Li Shimin and its senior general Weichi respected and so on to leave behind the historical vestige in this.

        Yuntai steep mountainous place water Xiu, the climate cool is pleasant. Here springhead is rich, the vegetation cover, the primitive secondary forest has covered the entire mountain range, each kind of trees and the strange flower and grass type reach 400 many kinds of. The traditional Chinese medicine contains richly, except outside ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, but also has is well-known the entire inside and outside four big bosoms approximately, as well as fruit of a medicinal cornel, Chinese angelica and so on 200 many kinds of. Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao once picked the medicine in to practice Dan, until now area this the mountainous area also spreads him to take the story which the elixir or pill of immortality ascended to heaven. In the Yuntai scenic area ticket office, some village “the ashore”, the back depends on a natural blockade, suddenly , develops the surface, this mountain named “green jade screen peak”, the peak has “the yama nose”. You looked that yama to the day, from the nose above is black, below the nose part is white, the native said this yama clear distinction, distinguishes the right and wrong, daytime breaks positive, the night examines cloudyly, is the local control, the authority supreme.

        Under yama nose foot of a hill, some Buddhism temple ancestral hall, namely Wan Shansi. Bridged over the entrance, for Maitreya religion palace. consecrates Buddha, this picture is golden Buddha which Thailand donates. You looked between that image of Buddha chest “” (sound ten thousand), Italy for the solar light shining in all directions or the burning fire, afterwards took the Buddhism propitious mark, expresses propitiously. The temple back door, some rill proud place inflow clear pond, is the high quality mineral water, nearby the spring the small temple, is God of Wealth, he although cannot be Buddhist temple, but burns incense the person, actually does not forget to burn the column fragrant, the wealth is in order to prosperous.

        (Warm plate valley, ovary lake scenic area)

        Along the road on, crossed has welcomed guests the hole, the left side mountain valley cracks becomes the crack. This then is the warm plate valley scenic area. The valley deep 80 meters, widest place only ten feet -odd, on the valley hills surrounds, causes in this narrow deep valley the air not to be able to exchange well with the outside air, then has formed own unique microclimate, here winter dim daylight summer cool, temperature moderate, occupies as if permanent is warm, therefore warm plate valley. This valley waterfall named “white dragon brand waterfall”, fable white dragon brand in this housing.

        Passes through tunnel which the mountain intermural opens cutting, we enter the warm plate valley scenic area. First straight enters the view is “a day”. During the person line the mountain body coincides only leaves behind a world, is really marvelous.

        The scenic area male danger, the collection spring, the waterfall, the brook, the deep pool to a valley, usually enjoys “the bonsai canyon” the fine reputation. The canyon north and south long 1 kilometer, the width 3-10 meter, the both banks steep stone is approximately beautiful, the vulture chisels as if becomes a giant bonsai, after also resembles the famed scenery concentration the essence, the botanical garden expert called it “the natural scenery high-quality goods porch”, in the scenic area has the ramble stone, kisses the stone, the spirit turtle plays with water, Double Lion brand absoring water, landscape and so on turtle back stone.

        In the valley has nine Longtan, hands down perches the place for ancient times Kowloon, respectively be white Longtan, sub- Longtan, sleeps Longtan, the black dragon, Huanglong, the black dragon, the first dragon and so on, because in valley department warm, the deep pool water year to year temperature about 10, summer the water is cool not suitably swims, but actually is the wintertime swimming good cloud place. Line to , as soon as intermurally holds the waterfall from the mountain, if the drifting snow flutters Yang, extremely magnificent sight. In the dynamic water inflow static state water, is extremely beautiful.

        Founds a nation after at the beginning of the Han Dynasty, Zhang Liang after helps Liu Bang establishes the Chinese industry, merit Gao Zhenzhu, is afraid encounters Liu’s poisoning, entreats, to resign on account of age and return to one’s home place over and over goes. After open good returns to the hometown, still feels restless, thought also not too insures, then secretly wears poor clothing so as to be inconspicious the noon, lived in seclusion has gone to Taishan. Because of Zhang Liangzi ovary, therefore place the village calls: The ovary village “, the source calls” the ovary lake “. The present scenic area is raises the construction in the original lake, 300 Chinese acres, the long approximately 8 Chinese miles, the widest place 300 meters, the water depth assumes the steps and ladders shape distribution, north the shallow south depth, the depth is in dire straits 100 meters, the water capacity is 100 million cubic, is a medium reservoir.

        Along the lake but the line, obviously in the opposite mountain range has “reaches touches the peak”. Hands down the Indian Buddhist priest to reach touches China to do missionary work, arrives Shaolin Temple, faced the wall for 10 years still the common distracting thoughts to well up into the heart, thereupon went out the temple, had excellent to look for to be static place leads a pious life. Afterwards arrived Taishan, on the bank mountain range sat in meditation west the ovary lake. Here unvisited, reaches touches high occupies the summit of a mountain, the end 山岚 flows the cloud is the partner, the mountain works a piece to purify the Xiangshan type to sit in meditation down, soon namely the immortal goes, the here stayed behind “has reached touches the peak” and faces each other across a great distance “the niche for a statue of Buddha peak” with it.

        West ovary lake bank, obviously ditch “Huang Liangou”, inside scenery pleasant, most is wonderful place is the ditch faces upwards to extend but several mountain peaks, connected achieves Buddhahood the palm, therefore “Buddha palm peak”. In the Buddha palm peak has “the heaven”, is a one’s own isolated house natural hamlet. The ancient times, the oppressive taxes are heavy, some people hide in the Buddha palm peak, opens up wasteland the fertile farmland, spreads plants the fruit tree, had gotten up the self-sufficient small farmer life in above. Has hidden government authorities’ demanding, carefree, joyfully resembles the deity, therefore gives own homeland it “the heaven”.

        Again proceeds, namely sees the ovary lake place, some two hamlet circle the ovary lake thing to grip, this is the ovary village, is Zhang Liang later generation descendants multiplys becomes. Sui Motang at the beginning of, Liu Wuzhou and Li Shimin successively store the grain, the weapon in this, after therefore the person is “east the warehouse” “west the warehouse”.

        (Old deep pool ditch, small stronghold ditch scenic area)

        The old deep pool ditch scenic area characteristic for Shan Xiongshui Xiu, peak Gao Baoji, traces the water along the waterway on.Gao Jun tall and straight, the current of water is profound.

        Crossed the low mountain top, front appeared two crossings, is the stair stone ladder, after mounts may along hillside Shi Banlu to the vanguard, both sides the road be green and luxuriant, the tree may obstruct the day, these trees grow in Shi Fengzhong, has several hundred years tree age; A road is the waterway, the oak animal-hide boat ” the deep pool”, climbs “the immortal to cross”, obviously past room, has if is secluded from the world, side has the track, nonstop “day waterfall”.

        “The day waterfall” is Yuntai landscape, also is China, this waterfall dropping variance 310 meters, waterfall width approximately 5—7 meter. Gaoxiong of crown Nine Provinces the day waterfall, it may be said “flies the straight next 3,000 feet”. The waterfall likes thunder reverberating in one’s ears, along the way we early have heard, its potential is strong, does not see its, already early Wen Qisheng.
    On opposite mountain distantly faces one another which with the day waterfall, has “view waterfall”, this for looked best watches the spot. View waterfall has a group of Shan Baochi the wall, in the waterfall the moss is just like the peacock to fall the wall, by the laudatory name is “the peacock spring”

        Moreover in the ditch also has “the confidence spring” “the wave stone level ground” ‘ the outstanding peak “” the double Xiu peak “” the road merit “and so onthe scenic spot. Along the road ascends supervises the summit, then is Henan, Jin two provinces place.

        Left the old deep pool ditch not distant place, some stone bridge river valley, is leads to “the small stronghold ditch” the wind and cloud scenic area channel.
    Treads the step but the line, the roadside has the tablet, submits a written statement “the small stronghold ditch”. Stands seeks in the here to the opposite mountain peak between, obviously in the high mountain group mist, some ancient times government official, the head wore the black gauze cap, happy leisurely sat on the mountain, this was native fable Tang. The fable, Ming Dynasty, the Tang origin examined informed the life, the reputation greatly inspires, actually encountered pushes aside, official career rough, the experience suffered the tribulation, was suffering censures on the way, enjoyed the beauties of nature after this to release is melancholy, sense the government was more dangerous. From this time on has disappeared reading of the official career, melts the immortal in this but the cloud, left behind this mountain peak to supply the posterity memento.

        “The small stronghold ditch” old “the small deep pool ditch”, Later Tang Dynasty king Li Shimin disappeared Liu Wuzhou in this, the here is Sui Yingtang the stronghold, therefore small stronghold ditch. In the ditch the brook is fascinating, therefore also calls “deep pool waterfall Sichuan”. At present appeared the first deep pool, namely “Long Shetan”, the small stronghold ditch is situated at the remote mountains and ancient forests unvisited, juicy, moist, the common snake python difference. Hands down has the family husband chops firewood, sees has the great python in this potable water, the snake greatly is a dragon, thus acquires fame.

        Crossed Long Shetan about, has or called the scenery two paths lead to the scenic area. The waterway is tours for the tourist, the mountain road is the road which comes back, the waterway walks not far, namely sees has the crowd of waterfall proud crag place to drop, person “nine pack of waterfall”. The waterfall divides three, each fault has two waterfalls mutual attraction to melt in a deep pool, if the sweetheart is ordinary, therefore calls “the sweetheart waterfall”.

        Crossed has lost weight the stone, was “Jinlong lies the wave”, again upward walked, suddenly at present open, “the bifurcation character waterfall” the front surface comes, the waterfall high ten meters, were deep five, six meters, but open orphaned Tanzania four sides, but saw the green hill to surround, a megalith appeared suddenly as if, falls on here, the supply and sales tourist rested, enjoys the cool air, the picnic, the photography.

        “Clear clear ripples pond” Shui Qianer clear, color gorgeous, the moss reflects deep pool water the deep green dustlessness, no matter has the wind calmly, in the pond the ripples lightly swing therefore it, the basin has the fish, but the fish body is transparent. Shui Liandong “place only leaves on the cliff as soon as to hang the waterfall to disperse the curtain screen shape to fall in torrents down, this water four seasons long class. Side has “the lion”, an its modelling like living small lion is equally lifelike, therefore it.

        “The lion’s head stone” front entire cliff becomes by the water , gets down has two water in to takeoff the rice high place blowout, this is in Wei Jinshi in the scenic area has the leisurely person king to be fierce, does not eat, thirstily drinks this spring, the hungry food sealwort, long-lived to 338 years old, still walk as if flying, did not reduce the youth. You might as well taste.

        We enter the young stronghold ditch , the front surface obviously several strange stones, will have “Tang Wangshi the sword stone”, will be a place which Li Shimin same year will withdraw troops. Will stand in “” on, the cliff will stand tall and erect, the person like will sit the bottom of the well, therefore “will sit the well view day”; The county cliff moss high hangs the cliff, on peacock high gallows, under the tail as soon as hangs the water curtain as if, is called as “the phoenix tail string of beads”. Moreover also has “the spirit turtle to spit the bead”, ” broadcasts the rain” “the Tang king to water a horse the pond” “the stone boat

        (Folds color hole, fruit of a medicinal cornel peak scenic area)

        Nearby the ovary lake has two crossings,is leads to the small stronghold ditch scenic area, the old deep pool ditch scenic area; Previous then is goes nonstop to Shanxi to build the mausoleum road. Folds the color hole scenic area and the peak scenic area plate permanently in this. Folds the color hole is connects Henan, the Jin two provinces road then hole, the size 23 holes, the head and tail connected total length more than 4,000 rice. It is open by my county earth expert has the feudal official to design the plan. Only sees row of giant steps and ladders in outside layer upon layer to hand over, in the hole all is 180 curves and 45 above hill climbing. This is the scenic area famous “dark 18”, industrious good person civil 12 years has constructed this road.

        Along the road from bottow to top, climbs a mountain goes through a hole, looks up to the summit of a mountain, only sees a place mountain peak to rise straight from the ground, the cliff cliff, reaches as high as ten thousand . The mountain peak is along the way dissimilar in shape and form, may find l in here you ‘ the small elephant the double camelback “the dream pen fresh flower” and so on eachscenic spot.

        Left 12 holes, the front surface has come together high peak different Shi Gaoli on the opposite mountain, this stone along with the car dealership line of sight transformation, might by the ganoderma lucidum, the Dai national minority young girls gradually turn a modern young girl. Therefore place Shi Xiu, Shui Xiu, flowers and plants Xiu, therefore “peak”.

        Rides in front of the vehicle to drive the moment, at present suddenly open, thisscenic spotnamed “west sea view”, the tourist reaches this point, all can have the completely relaxed feeling.

        Under the extremity this lake is the ovary lake which we passes through, a hour distance, already raised 5,600 meters altitudes, southeast the ovary lake is the warm plate meat area scenery, hands down the ancient times to occupy the letter in the warm plate valley to have nine dragons, south north the valley white dragon brand and the valley black dragon frequently mounts the clouds and rides the mist arrives “west sea view” to drink tea enjoys the scenery, but also frequently arranges the chessgame playing chess.

        Boards leads the way namely enters the fruit of a medicinal cornel peak tour area

        The vehicle winds on, entered a piece of cover silva, this entire Shan Bianfu the big pine and cypress, the maple tree thinks the tree, here is the primitive secondary forest region, is authorized by national Ministry of Forestry is “the national level forest park”

        Fruit of a medicinal cornel peak suddenly , is Yuntai’s prominent peak, the elevation more than 1,300 rice. Afterwards the god of the north emperor led a pious life in this bitter will becomes an immortal but the cloud, the here then becomes has been well-known your Taoism Holy Land, the surrounding area hundred mile people often comes this to burn incense to ask to hope, extremely was it is said effective. Gradually, the people here kindly are called “slightly north go against”, is said here is very near to the northern fontanel, often by the deity attention, they can satisfy the people to pray the time hope, good lets the people come this again to burn incense also to hope. Thereupon had “burns high ” the view, if which family’s descendants had been developed perhaps add Ding, that certainly was their family’s old people long ago burns “the high-grade incense” in here to ask

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    how to write 

    Schooling and Education   

    It is commonly believed in United States that school is where people go to get an education. Nevertheless, it has been said that today children interrupt their education to go to school. The distinction between schooling and education implied by this remark is important.
      Education is much more open-ended and all-inclusive than schooling. Education knows no bounds. It can take place anywhere, whether in the shower or in the job, whether in a kitchen or on a tractor. It includes both the formal learning that takes place in schools and the whole universe of informal learning. The agents of education can range from a revered grandparent to the people debating politics on the radio, from a child to a distinguished scientist. Whereas schooling has a certain predictability, education quite often produces surprises. A chance conversation with a stranger may lead a person to discover how little is known of other religions. People are engaged in education from infancy on. Education, then, is a very broad, inclusive term. It is a lifelong process, a process that starts long before the start of school, and one that should be an integral part of one’s entire life.
      Schooling, on the other hand, is a specific, formalized process, whose general pattern varies little from one setting to the next. Throughout a country, children arrive at school at approximately the same time, take assigned seats, are taught by an adult, use similar textbooks, do homework, take exams, and so on. The slices of reality that are to be learned, whether they are the alphabet or an understanding of the working of government, have usually been limited by the boundaries of the subject being taught. For example, high school students know that there not likely to find out in their classes the truth about political problems in their communities or what the newest filmmakers are experimenting with. There are definite conditions surrounding the formalized process of schooling.

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    how to for a clean home 

    The difference between a home that is usually picked up and one that is usually messy is often just the habits of the owners. Create better habits and you could have a cleaner home. Some good habits to implement:

    ■Leave a room neater than when you got there. Before you leave a room, do a quick scan. Grab the plate and cup you brought in. Then pick up the other cup on the table.
    ■Put things away even when you are in a hurry. I used to run out the door and leave everything out on the bathroom sink. Now I always put everything away before I leave. I start getting ready a few minutes earlier.
    ■Do a 10 minute tidy with your family in the evening. Have all the family members pick up their stuff from throughout the house.
    ■Do things right away. Fold laundry right away so it is less wrinkled. Do dishes right after dinner so they aren’t crusty. Sew on the button before it gets lost.
    ■Do errands on one day instead of every time you run out of something. Think how much less you will be stuck in the car. Keep a running list of things to buy.
    ■Keep up with laundry and dishes.
    ■Sort through papers and email daily.
    ■Put jewelry back into the jewelry box every night. I am working on this one right now. I have a little stash of jewelry next to the jewelry box that has become annoying.
    ■Pick it up as you go. Put away projects when you are done. Clear off the desk when you are done with work. Put away food when you are cooking.
    Which of these habits would make the biggest difference in your home? You can start practicing your habit right away!

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    good title 

    A title that is free of liens and legal questions as to ownership of the property. A requirement for the sale of real estate. also called just title or clear title or free and clear .
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    how to keep heath 

    It was said that health is a crown on the heads of the healthy people. In fact, this saying is very important and should be taken into consideration because it shows the value of being in good health. Keeping away from worry, exercising regularly and eating healthy food are three aspects of life style that help us keep healthy.

    The first important way of keeping good health is being away from mental stress and worry. The more you think, the bigger the opportunity of having health problems. For example, worry, anger and stress are the cause of many heart strokes. Also, too much thinking may lead to continuous loss of weight.

    Regular exercising is another way of keeping and maintaining good health. If you exercise daily, you don’t get overweight. Also, exercising is very good for your normal blood circulation. In addition, exercising is good for your heart and muscles. If you go jogging or walk for an hour, you help to strengthen all of your muscles. Furthermore, you keep your lungs clean and efficient by exercising.

    Healthy food is also very important for your health. You have to eat simple foods which do not contain saturated fat. This diet should be based on grain, rice, wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables and fish. According to some research, miso soup may help prevent hypertension diabetes, obesity and cancer. Also, cabbage, salmon, olive oil and garlic in your soup may help fight heart diseases.

    In conclusion, if you want to see the importance of good

    • health
  • , you can ask a person who suffers poor health. So, we should be aware of our health and do our best in exercising, eating healthy food and keeping away from worry.

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    How To Make Money Selling E-Books 

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    how to Make Money Writing Articles Or Web Content 

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    how to do a wordpress upload? 

    Step 1

    It’s simple to add a picture into a wordpress post without having the hassle of uploading it through ftp. Login to your dashboard & start writing your post as usual.

  • Step 2

    Click on the picture option. Press Choose files to upload. Pick the file you want in your post & then be sure & click Upload. Add in any additional details & press Insert into Post. If this isn’t working correctly click on “try the browser uploaders instead” & give that a go.

  • Step 3

    Change the folder that your uploads are contained in by going to Settings & then Miscellaneous.

  • Step 4

    Access your media library through the Manage tab.

  • Step 5

    If you use a blog editor like Zoundry you can easily add pictures or videos to posts. Just click on the picture icon when you are writing a post. Right click on the picture to resize & align it. The configure tag will help you if you just want to upload a thumbnail. Change your preferences to add a folder where you want your pictures to be stored. Otherwise they will go into your default wordpress folder.

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    Hello world! 

    Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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